27 January 2009

A Fabulous Award

Wow, another great award from a great scrapper friend named Sarah of Paper Tree. Thanks Sarah and congratulations on the arrival of your new bundle of joy =)

Now as part of this award I have to list my five addictions:
1. Traveling
2. Blogging
3. Facebook
4. Fridge Magnets of different places
5. Bags and Clothes!!!!

Oh and then I get to award 5 blogs that I think are fabulous:

Cherry - http://pinaysinglemommy.com/

Bingkee - http://www.fliploveusa.typepad.com/

Cely - http://www.mynewhorizon.net/

MsRay- http://www.msray2008.com/

Riaboo - http://www.continentalfairy.com/


  1. Thanks Ria! I will post this as soon as I have the time... have to go to work soon...

  2. hi ria! how are you? congratulations on your award. i have to agree, you're blog is fabulous. :D

  3. Thanks for this award and I now got 2 of this. Maraming salamat.
    Congrats too....ur blog is really fab!


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