09 January 2009

Friday Tag - A to Z

Thank you Bingkee of I Love/Hate America blog for remembering me on this fantastic tag.

A -Attached or Single? -Attached--married
B -Best Friend? -I have few. Some in USA, few in Manila and a handful here in Dubai.
C-Cake or pie? -Cake
D -Day of choice? -Friday
E -Essential item? -Toothbrush
F -Favorite Color? -Pink
G -Gummy Bears or Worms? -Gummy Bears
H -Hometown? -Meycauaya, Bulacan
I -Indulgence? -Soaking in the tub with matching aromatic oils and essence
J -June or July? -both, Mom and sis' birth month is June and Dad's July
K -Kids ? -One
L -Life is not complete w/o -Godand my family and friends
M -Marriage date? -January 11, 1997
N- Number of magazine subscriptions?- None
O -Orange or apple?-Apple
P -Phobias?
-open body of water and public speaking
Q -Quotes?
-Sometimes we have to go through a rainy April to find a flowering May...
R -Reason to smile?
-Blessed with a happy and loving family and friends
S -Season of choice?
-between Fall and Winter. I love the cold season
T -Tag 5 people -
Enid, G-anne, Maicel, Niko, Shiela
U -Unknown fact about me-
Arms and legs coordination is so out of whack so I never excel in sports...hahaha. I am quite frail so my legs are only good for walking in the malls. LOL!!!!
V -Vegetable? -A lot of them just not "bitter gourd"
W -Worst habit? -Shopping
X -Xray or ultrasound? -Ultrasound
Y -Your favorite foods? - Chinese and Italian cuisine and of course, my mom's home-cooked meals...
Z -Zodiac sign -Pisces
Have fun!


  1. Hi Ria,

    About EC account. I still not get answer back from them but yeah... I don't too much hope again :(( We still can survive without them hi hi hi hi...

    Btw, my other blog Juliana's Site being nominate for the Annual Blognet Awards, will you Vote for me ^__^. I hope you have time :D Thanks and have a nice weekend.

  2. you changed your profile photo. how's your 'weight loss' program? ako din, kailangan ko papayat bago ako magbirthday. hope you can visit para sabay tayo celebrate ng birthday. =)

  3. Hi Ria - great meme; always good to know a blog friend even better!

    Sorry I'm late (my back still hurt and it's hard to type).

    Your on my Blogroll now :-)

    Thanks for your daily votes for me for Best European Blog!

    Wishing you a great end to your week :-)

  4. We both love pink ...hehehe, but I don't like winter. Right now, it's winter here and it's snowing and snowing for 3 days straight now and in between rain and sleet.So it's wet, icky and yucky. Outside is gray, bleak, dreary and gloomy. Cold, chilly and nip-biting-to-the-ear air....nothing is good about winter. :-)


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