11 January 2009

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Well, I don't have to spell it out... I love you honey more that I can express myself. I am thankful for all these years, for the love, the company, for being the kind of husband and father our family could ever ask, for being there when I need you, for putting up with my crazy antics every now and then without a word, for being patient and kind, for making me laugh, for drying my tears, for listening to my woes no matter how insignificant they are, for loving me despite of my many imperfections, for taking good care of us, for providing us our needs and ensuring we are secured and safe, for taking me and our princess to places I thought I'd only see in pictures, for believing in me, for hanging in there when my world was falling apart, for being my rock, for being my solace, for being my friend... What more can I ask for honey? I already have you.

Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary Pa and may we have more laughter to share, more travels to make, more adventures to experience, more talks to while away our time, more walks in the park so we could hold hand longer, more time to sit back and just stare at the stars and the moon... just being together for many, many years...


  1. congratulations to both of you. and more years to come=)

    housewarming gift mo na lang sana is coffee with me and liza when you visit this feb. pleaseeeee....=)

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  4. Wow 12 years, that is truly a milestone! More wonderful years to come and congratulations to you guys!

    By the way girl, I got my old blog
    back! Pinayjade

    Visit me sometime ;)

  5. How sweet! CONGRATULATIONS on your Silk Wedding Anniversary! May all your wishes come true my friend!

  6. hello ria dear! happy anniversary to you and hubby! here's wishing you more great years of blissful married life. naku, marami pala tayo january brides! mine was last january 3. :D

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and your honey!

  8. Belated Happy Anniversary to you and pare!!! May you have many more anniversaries to celebrate!!!God Bless You Both Always!!!!

  9. soooo sweeeeeeet post!! i love it ria!!

    Happy anniversary to both of u! whoa 12 years.. WOW!!

  10. Thanks my friends for all the greetings. I wish the same, long and interesting years together to all my married friends...

  11. Happy Anniversary!!!

    andami ko nang utang sa yo sa tags :)

    i just read your comment about you coming here in UK on feb or march. yes i will still be here that time. kitakits tayo dito. tell me lang when. so that i can request off na.

  12. Belated Happy Anniversary! How does it feel being married for 12 years? I guess wonderful especially if you are with your soulmate. God bless you!


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