15 January 2009

Let Your Inner Winner Shine

Here are few steps to make us reach our dreams a step closer by having the right mind-set and attitude.

1. Be passionate
This is one of the moving factor to make us achieve our goals. When we set our self to what is comfortable then we become reticent and accepting to what is available and that can be limiting. It is not a bad thing to be reticent but have passion to accept change and rise to the challenge.

2. Believe in yourself
I find this sometimes difficult to achieve. I also feel that my morale is affected when things go wrong and when there is not much to affirm my positive points. However, I learned that we can never truly achieve things when we doubt our capabilities. Doubting is debilitating to our confidence and will get us nowhere. Believe.

3. Positive thinking
Try not to focus on the mistakes or imperfections or the problems. Think outside the box. Envision. Don't waste your precious time thinking and wishing you are someone else because that is never going to happen.

4. Have a makeover
It pays to have a good posture and style. Throw the drab work-clothes and get new ones if you have to. Be a little daring. If you have worn your hair in a bun for - like forever! - it's time to ditch the do and make a new hairstyle. Change your wardrobe colors. If you're into the basic gray, black, white and browns, now's the right time to add a little pizazz. Put color in your life. Wear make-up. Have a nail-polish. And if you're a guy, get a new haircut or try new hairstyles too. There's nothing to lose, maybe just few bucks...

5. Be courageous
The best way to have courage is face our own fears. We'll just waste so much time waiting for the right moment when we muster our confidence. By then, all our dreams will be gone and opportunities gone out of the window.

6. Motivate, motivate, motivate
I have problem with this one though I try my best to overcome being demoralized. What I do is I achieve a goal at a time, never all together or a lot in a single moment because I will lose my focus and drive and will leave with cold pants. It pays to also share your dreams with someone or to your close friends and families because then you become committed. Who wants to fail when all eyes are on you?

7. Be smart
One thing we should learn is that our goals should be S.M.A.R.T, that is: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and have a timeline. Be smart. So when you are trying to achieve a certain goal, do it step by step. Our bodies don't adapt to changes overnight. It takes time before we can get ourselves accustomed to something. So, be kind to yourself. Take it slowly but surely.

8. Expand your horizon
Networking is important whether you are looking for a new job or adjusting to a new environment. Statistics from the Federal Bureau of Labor in the US indicate that 70% of jobs are found through networking. Start mingling. Go out and spread your wings.

9. Keep at it
Try and try until your succeed! That's it.

10. Blow your own trumpet
I find it rather awkward to blow my own trumpet or carry my own chair. They both mean the same thing - talking about yourself. However, I noticed that those who got ahead of me were really "smooth talkers." Most of them are just empty talkers but they managed to get the promotion. So I think, it's okay to let the world know about your achievements. Talk to your managers. Give them your quarterly report of achievements. Suggest how to streamline a process. What I do is, I email my suggestions to my boss and copy the top honchos, for their info. So, if my suggestions are considered and put in place then they know who initiated it and I get the credit. Get noticed. Speak up and don't let others steal your thunder.

(From Aquarius - Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey added with my own take on the subject based on experience)


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  2. Hi Ria! Happy New Year!...Yes, I'm kinda busy. Minsan na lang nakaka blog. hehehe.. Have a nice day!... Thanks for visiting my page. Mwah!

  3. Yes, these are very practical and doable objectives to get ahead in life. If we can just stick out with these objectives, there is no reason why we should fail. Very smart and thoroughly covered. Thanks for the informative and practical post. God bless you always.


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