02 January 2009

Welcome Year 2009

2008 came and went and here we are, facing the uncertainties of 2009 with perturbed anticipation of how it is going to be like.

I too am worried with what the future brings but if I pray, why should I worry, right? I will just leave everything to the hands of our Almighty because He will not forsake us. These are just wake-up calls because we have been too comfortable with everything. We do not exert efforts anymore to do something worthwhile. Everything is just convenient. Maybe this time it's time to exert more effort.

So, welcome 2009... I hope this year will be a good year for all of us despite of...


  1. Best wishes for 2009 for you and your family!!!

    I am hoping too that things will be better this year.

  2. Hope this year will bring you more blessings and happiness in your life. Here's wishing you the best of everything for 2009. God bless you always.

  3. Happy happy happy new year! Hope everything is gonna be great for you all this year ;)


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