06 January 2009

What a Dismay!

Uh-oh! I knew I have been very bad with my eating habits the past few weeks because of the holidays. How can someone resist mom's home-cooked meals since the nearest decent meal I can prepare is popping an instant meal in the microwave and that's it! I know, I am bad. Like I earlier conveyed, I never liked cooking so if someone cooks the kind of meals I love very well, who am I to resist???

With all the gorging happened during the holidays, I was so dismayed to see how my measurements shoot up like a NASA rocket ship going to space exploration. I am not kidding but I can call myself "Little Miss Piggy" now...hahahaha. I cannot believe the figures right before my eyes as my daughter laughs her bum off on how big the numbers are on my body measurements. As in B-I-G! Coming from an ex-super-skinny person like me, yup, the numbers are way too big for me to fathom. Wow! How can I ever, and not just ever, successfully at that, lose weight for good? I have lost and regained and lost again and when I lose it, I just want it to stay that way. Any tips??? I am desperate now and this calls for serious measures. Not gastric-bypass. I think I am still skinny for that but I need healthy habits to kick-in again. I need proper food to eat at proper times. I know that when you speed-eat, you tend to gorge more. I think I have to stop that.

Oh my, and I have a wedding to attend to and I need to look fab in a long, formal gown. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, like the Beatles sang, "Help!!!!!"


  1. hmmm, pareho tayo. ang hirap papayat tapos ang dali lang tumaba. unfair!!!!

    cge, i-list mo rin yun mga items mo if you have time. =)

  2. I am not a diet expert but I have managed to lose some pounds lately by just cutting on rice and replacing it with four tablespoons of instant oats in the morning and evening meals. Yeah, that's right, stop the speed-eat. During the first few days while adjusting to the new routine (as I used to have three full meals, and full snacks in between), I snack on fruits as soon as my tummy signals hunger. I also switched to more veggies, like the green leafy ones, which I consumed first before the rest of the menu. During lunchtime, rice is the last to be taken and I wouldn't be eating to much of it anymore because by then I am already feeling full. Do not drink water right away. Drinking two glasses between meals would be better. This may not be the best advice, I am just sharing my personal experience. It worked well on me. I lost five kilos in a month. Isn't that fulfilling?

  3. @ Jojigirl - Wow, your tips might do the trick when it comes to my speed-eating. I used to eat salads for lunch and somehow my eating habits got derailed. I will try your tips and see if it does work on me. Thanks for sharing =)

    @ Cherry - Ewan ko nga ba, why are others blessed with good genes. I have a friend here who has an appetite of a whale but a body of a "DILIS" Nyahahaha. Grabe sa kapayatan pero kung lumamon!!! Mahihiya ang isang barangay! That's what we call, blessed with good genes. Don't you just want to throw them out of the window??? hahahaha.

    May bright idea moment nga agad ako when I visited your new blog. Hmmmmm....maybe I can be your client too... Good work Chie!!!

  4. What I can say is that you can just reduce the portions of your food. Use a smaller plate. Then eat 6 small meals a day. Drink a lot of tea---not the diet tea--just regular tea. Then just go and find an exercise that you like to do --like dancing, biking, swimming. I don't have much of problem w/ my weight but whenever I want to reduce, all I do is to use a smaller plate, eat 6 small meals a day, drink tea, dance and dance, and do Pilates and do a lot of housework activities.
    I don't believe rice is the culprit. I eat rice all the time---3 times a day, 1 cup each meal.I accompanied my aunt to a wellness center where she consulted about her weight problem---the specialists there it's because of "how much you eat" is the main culprit--also the kind of food you eat. Rice is carbs but we need carbs in our body. We don't need bad fats but we still need fats. It's the amount/quantity of food you eat. When you fill your stomach beyond its capacity all the time, the stomach extends , so if you eat little, that big stomach will say to your brain you're still hungry because it's not filled up. so what you need is to reduce the amount of food you eat. Do not cut rice. Just reduce the amount of rice you eat. And it's also because the calories u get from food do not convert into energy if you stay inactive. So you need to do a cardio-muscular exercise regularly so you expend the calories you took into energy. Otherwise calories not burned turn into fats and excess weight.
    You need to be physically active---not taking away rice. If you exercise daily, you can afford to eat everything you want like cakes and chocolates like I do all the time because I try to be active as much as possible.

  5. His sis - Pare pareho yata tayo.Been eating way too much, ngayon need to go on diet uli for damage control.

    Happy new Year!!!

  6. @ Bingkee - oh, these tips are really cool and let me try them. I was really a small-portion kind of eater before but for the past few months or so, I have just been eating relentlessly so I keep a journal of my food intake. I am beginning to zero-in on "stress." Thanks for sharing these tips!

    @ Jade - I know...we have a big challenge here. Kumbaga, damage had been done so we need to wipe it clean. Thanks!!!

  7. me too, i need help! I alrdy have salbabida on the middle. oh my! i need to lose weight!!!
    i think oats really help. and regular exercise ( i do rope jumping and crunches) at least 3x a week for at least 30 mins---super tamad ko mag-exercise!)
    You know what? telling other people about your desire to lose weight helps! so next time, post mo pics mo pag sexy uli! para sabihan ka namin na tumataba ka na naman when we notice that you're gaining weight nga...*wink*
    Have a nice day!

  8. Ok, so far, I have dropped half a pound for doing cardio exercises and some pilates twice a week. Food intake has been reduced not dramatically but I am eating the right kind now. I will keep you posted of the developments. Thanks!!!


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