16 January 2009

Working my Way Up

I owe my current company big time in terms of fulfilling my dreams of seeing the world, experiencing other culture, meeting a lot of people of various nationalities and recognizing my efforts. Back in the Philippines, much as I excel in the kind of work that I do, I was never noticed. I did notice that they focus more on people who barely know what they were doing. They gave away positions which were meant to people who really deserved to their favorites. Let's just say, I was never a favorite.

So, when I left that company, I told myself that I'd one day go back there and prove all of them (my bosses and colleagues who thought I was nothing...) that they made a huge mistake for letting me go. Soon, when I landed my first stint abroad, I was already given assignments and projects which I had no knowledge of but because my boss knew and believed in me. I had several promotions since then in less the time compared to the whole tenure I had back in my old company. I was given a company-wide recognition - Twice! What does that prove then? I was and still is a worthy employee. Sadly though, my former bosses in the Philippines never gave me a chance to prove my worth. Anyway, I don't feel bitter about it. I am happy that I had moved on and is working my way up again. I am learning new skills and taking on projects despite my current work load. I'm actually blowing my trumpet this time. I am done sitting back and being a martyr and other people get noticed. I had been passive while I was in the Philippines and being in a multi-cultural work environment, you learn to fend for yourself. It's a jungle out here ;)

I am ready to move another step higher. I hope I get promoted soon... Wish me luck!


  1. Sadly, I had the same experience with my work here in the Philippines. Only a$$kissers get promoted and office politics is really bad. I got promoted to a managerial position last year but ended up resigning due to the bad things being said behind my back which, unfortunately my boss believed. Got a better paying job now with less stress so the last laugh is mine. har har...

  2. All the best Ria! Great to know that you are getting promotions you deserved in your company.

    Girl, anong industry ka ba?

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  4. hey girl, parnag busy ka talaga. good luck with the promotion. i know you'll get it =)

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    tales of a pinay single mommy
    1716 South
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  5. It's good to know you are making your way up! Be glad my sis... how your previous boss treated you back in the Phils made you what you are today. They pushed you in a way, to prove that you are far better than anybody else in that company.

    Now it's your time to shine! God bless!

  6. Hi Ria! Pls. visit Pinay Pathways for the triple award....

  7. That's true! What is it with most Filipino bosses? Here's it's a dog-eat-dog race, i know it's the same abroad but at least you get the kind of recognition that you do deserve. Goodluck to you Ria! Surely a hardworking and nice person like you will make it to the top! Wish your bosses can see you now...you can hire them one day when your are the the very top hehehe...


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