25 February 2009

Backing for a While

I have been quiet for a while since I got back from my leave. Most of the time I am just zapped out and have no time and energy left to rack my head with ideas and put those thoughts into words. I remember the days when my head is filled with gazillions of thoughts that I feel it will explode if I don't write them. Now is the complete opposite of that.

My blogger screen is blank and my fingers on top of the keyboard waiting to be pounded but there's no juice to squeeze out. I guess most bloggers go through this phase as well - writer's block...in this case, blogger's block.

I think I have to step back a little and give myself some space while I regenerate. It's pretty ironic that I have to experience this few days before my "party" blog turns 1. Oh well...c'est la vie!


  1. Yes we do have that once in awhile girrl...just take it easy.

    Inspiration will come while you are on your break.

  2. hi ria, sorry ha I've just been busy. Ang dami ko backlogs when it comes to opp. Wht I cna't understand is sunod sunod sila ngayon. Well, thankful naman ako pero I have nothing to write anymore. Di naman ganun ka-exciting buhay ko. Btw, got a text from your friend regarding the package. I will pick it up today or tomorrow. Thanks dun ha. About the Dr. Natura, i'll email you later pero there's no special way to drink it naman. basta yun fiber sa morning. i mix it with water lang. then at night, i drink the tea at around 10pm.may tabs pa ata yan. i'll check again. bye for now. =)

  3. hi ria!!

    i alwayd experience blogger's block! hahah i love the name.. hahaha

    anyways i will be waiting for ur return.. hope it will be with this tag i have for u.. pls grab it on my blog ha!!

    take care!!


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