11 February 2009

Disoriented Dolphins

I know humans get disoriented but never realized that dolphins do as well. About 200 to 300 dolphins were found in the shallow waters of Manila Bay yesterday near Bataan. Villagers, volunteers, fishermen and the navy were together in their effort to drive back the pod of dolphins to the deeper part of the sea. They were found swimming back and forth in an obvious state of disorientation where the probable cause is not yet defined.

I am so grateful to the courageous people who did their part to save these hapless animals. God Bless you all (and the dolphins!).

(Photo from: Daily Mail and Reuters)


  1. I read about this too and was surprised. I am glad people still care and has done their best for the dolphins.

    If you have time, check out my post about a festival here in SG bu dont be scared, okay? ;)


Thank you for your comment.