07 February 2009

Environment - Global Warming

Saving Mother Earth in my own little ways is one of my top priorities. I assert myself when it comes to educating people about the nature we live in and what fury we can face if we don't start taking care of it, in this instance, our very own Mother Earth.

My little gestures of saving paper, re-using what can be re-used, recycling and reducing wastage both at home and in the office are my simple ways of contributing for the betterment of the place we live in. I don't care about how my office mates tease me relentlessly for being passionate about this. I just have few words to those who don't listen - GLOBAL WARMING.

Stop Global Warming

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  1. Me too I'm so concerned about saving the earth so I try to recycle and not use plastic bags.
    Ria dear, I have a tag for you at my site. Pls.c ome and get it.


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