03 February 2009

Foggy Friday

*Note: I should have posted this earlier but due to some unexplainable mood swings, I have been out of touch for a while. Must be the hormones...hahaha ;)

The week moved ever so slowly like a sloth climbing a tree. I thought it would never end - the waiting for weekend, that is.

The weather is still pleasant and not as cold as the previous days. However, the chilly wind blowing to your face still bites. I had to wake up early today for my HTML class while the rest of the household were happily snoring their blues away. I wanted to linger in bed and pull the comforter to my face as I planned to continue my broken slumber due to the pesky alarm clock which my daughter (for some reason, she has this habit of rousing me from my wonderful slumber at 4 a.m.!) set on an ungodly hour. Well, I might as well drag myself to class even if my mind was still set to sleep. I know it was still early, the chilly wind blew crisply on my face and brrrr... I woke up to a foggy Friday. Thank God for a foggy Friday! At least it's weekend... ;)

(Photo: my own, taken from the balcony - 6th floor - 30 January 2009)


  1. Hi Ria! I love cold weather! I vividly recall the time when 16 of us pioneers were sent to Japan for training at Casio Japan, luckily it was still winter hence, we got to enjoy the snow. I would even open the window to my room because I loved the cool breeze...

  2. 'Musta! Got here grey, gloomy skies too. And soggy, languorous days. I don't hate rainy days at all, but it's not good either when the sun is out for too long.

  3. Hey Ria..i like your writing style.. and its tone.. :)


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