22 February 2009

Healthy Drink for our Teeth

I have always been an orange juice drinker but ever since my enamel started to wear out, I have cut back on juices or drink them with a straw to avoid contact on my pearlies.

Green or black teas are good for our teeth. It's effect is like water leaving our teeth unscathed unlike the orange juice which attacks our enamels because it has acids like phosphoric, citric, mallic (to name a few) which can strip our enamels.

Here are dos which are good for our teeth.

1. Use a straw with acidic beverages
2. Drink brewed tea straight up sans the lemon, milk and sugar.
3. Snack on apples, celery, and carrots because these food are natural stain removers.
4. Floss daily.

(Source: RealAge tips)


  1. I always thought that tea are staining out teeth...thanks for this info girl.

  2. I love snacking on carrots and apples but not celery, I might consider that.

  3. Well that's nice to know about the fruits & veggies are natural cleaners of your teeth.

  4. My sister had problem on her teeth due to drinking too much coffee and tea. I'm no longer a coffee drinker but I love orange juice too.


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