17 February 2009

I have a Jet Lag!

8.5 hours of flying time is not a joke considering I just spent 2 1/2 days in Manila. Another 8.5 hours flying time going back is just too much to bear now. I don't understand how pilots and cabin crew can handle time changes and how their biological body-clock respond to this. Lately, I have been having major migraine attacks when I reach my destination. I guess I am just tired and the crossing of time zones make it all worse.

I don't know if there is ever a cure to jet lag but somehow, there are ways to manage it. Here are tips on how to manage your own jet lag.

1. Try traveling on an early morning flight (if the airline has several choices of flights to your destination). This is because it is still dark and you can still sleep few hours in the flight.

2. Drink lots of juices and water.

3. Walk a lot after taking a long nap. This helps in blood circulation.

4. When I arrive in a place where it's morning, I act like it's the normal time. I try my best to avoid coffee nor drink alcohol so I can crawl to bed BEFORE 9 p.m!

5. Avoid filling your tummy before the flight.

If you have other jet lag prevention tips, please share :)

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