13 February 2009

Oh Love!

It's Valentine's Day soon and a lot of couples out there are planning laboriously on every detail of their very important date this 14 February.

I remember the time when my hubby and I used to date. We always go out a day before the big event because we just don't want overcrowded places and you have to deal with the traffic too. After many years of togetherness, we still go out, he still buys me flowers and sometimes gives me gifts. I often ask him not to since I am already contented with whatever I have and being with him is more than enough (wink!).

Now, I'm not saying we are getting old for this "love-thing." As a matter of fact, there's no age boundary in celebrating or observing this special "love" day with someone dear to you or someone you are currently courting.

No matter the age, I think Valentine's Day is one of the most popular occasions people observe. It's one of those days when you get to feel "special." So, to every one out there, single or hooked, dating or not, married or something else...here's wishing you a day full of love on Valentine's Day. Hope the love flows beyond Valentine's!

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day Ria. I have a tag for you that I am sure you will enjoy answering and posting.



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