11 February 2009

On a "Wedding" Blog Leave

Well, it's not MY wedding but that of my sister-in-law, after many years of single-blessedness has decided to get hitched ;) So, my family and I will be off to Manila and I'll be very busy with the preparation.

I'll be back shortly and while I am away, please keep the party going! Yeah! Chat with all of you soon...


  1. Welcome back to the Philippines when you do arrive here soon! I hope like your sister-in-law, my own youngest sister would meet the man of her dreams too! Have a safe trip Ria!

  2. hi ria. Antagal ko na palang Hindi nakabisita dito. Binasa ko lahat yung mga old posts mo. Nasa pilipinas is pala ulit?ingat ka dyan.

  3. It is nice to find that your sister in law has got ready for marriage. It is really a fun to make arrangement for the marriage.


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