23 February 2009

Online Study

Time is very essential to a working mom like me. Pursuing graduate studies as a goal was different then when I was still single or newly married because I didn't have that many responsibilities to mind. I used to take up MBA units back in the Philippines but due to time constraint and health reasons, I voluntarily discontinued my post education.

Back then, online degree was not yet heard of or maybe it was just sprouting into existence that people who wanted to pursue their studies need to physically go to their colleges or universities of their choice. A lot has happened from 1995 to the present time germane to distance learning.

I enrolled to an online degree last 2007 for half a year and having done that has given me the edge in terms of skills and qualification. I find this mode of learning as conducive and convenient to working people who have to juggle their careers and life in a balance. The mode of learning was according to my own phase and I learned to manage my time effectively and efficiently. Albeit, social interaction was kept to a minimum as the lessons were conducted online. I still managed to meet my classmates through online chat sessions which were scheduled on a weekend. I had fun and I am looking forward to take my next online degree in the future.

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