05 February 2009

The Visa

Sometimes, I admire my husband's carefree spirit and spontaneity in making decisions. We are completely opposite in many, many ways and yet we click so much because those differences complement both of us. For instance, we have been planning to apply for US VISA for 2 years now and have had put it off to travel to Europe. Last December, out of the blue, he just told me "Ma, set for an appointment for US visa." I gladly obliged! I mean, US visa is the ultimate visa of all! No offense meant to other nations but ever since, I have dreamt of having one stamped on my passport. Last Feb. 3, we went for our interview. After going through the tedious process of waiting from 6:10 a.m. out in the cold up to the point of being called for the interview almost 5 hours later was worth all the hassles and time. We were granted our first US Visas! Yey! Double yey!!! New York and Los Angeles, here we come!

Thank you Lord!!!


  1. Yeehah! Congratulations on your visas. Tell when you go to NY, I have a brother and a sister there. :)

    Btw, you have been awarded. Please grab it here.


  2. Congrats! You have always the luck with you! Sana ung life ko ganun din, nakaka-travel to foreign lands. Wish ko lang. ",)

  3. thanks pretty ladies...

    thanks for the award mommy liz! uwi ako ng few days eh...as usual, super tight na naman sched ko but i'll meet cherry kasi may order sya na iaabot ko...wanna come?

  4. congrats on your visa and your travel. had fun!

  5. Wow super congrats!!!!it's off to the US of A!!!!galing!!!!email me mare and give me pointers....hahahaha

  6. wow!! as in wow!! eto na talga ang ultimate na hihintaying kong pictures niyo again my dear! ;) haaay hanggang pictures na lang talaga ako hahaha

    anyways i have a question dear please answer ha il wait



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