06 February 2009

A Weighty Issue

Do you remember my post about my quest to lose weight because I have a wedding to attend to? Well, as an update to that, I have been using the treadmill 5 times a week and have cut back on my rice intake and white bread. So far, I have lost a kilo. My weight is not budging the way I would like it to maybe due to my age and hormones. I feel my clothes slightly getting lose but the desired result is not yet evident. The double-chin is still there. The muffin top is still there. The flabby arms are still there but... the pretty face is still there! harharhar!!! Joke!!!! Got yah!

I still have a week to go before I will wear my gown so I'll double my running time and eat more veggies without sacrificing a good, nutritious meal. If I don't lose weight by then, I'll just continue the quest because I want to wear a bikini when I go to Florida or Los Angeles this May! Yes!


  1. Goodluck Ria. Show us some picture of you in the gown ha!

    Like you I wanna lose weight too so that if and when I give birth I won't have too much of a hardtime losing all the extra weight I will probably gain during the pregnancy.

  2. Thanks pretty Jade! As in, desperate na ako to lose weight but I don't want to do it the unhealthy way by crash dieting. I will still eat pero I'll watch the portion.

    I'll post some pics here...

  3. Hay naku that is my perennial frustration! Pero you know I tried Fitrum (extra strenght yata) and drink Fit and rite and kahit papano nagwo-work siya for me. Xenical is good too bukod sa safe...

  4. Speaking of weight issues and wedding, there was a time when I weighed 127 lbs (110 lbs lang regular weight ko) and I felt soooo ugly and fat that I did not even attend my best friend's wedding. Sponsor ako pero nag "fake sickness" para may excuse. I knew it was a selfish thing to do.

    Now that I'm in the US, I'm back to being overweight again. When I got on the scale this morning, I weighed 127 lbs. but the heaviest that I weighed here was 132 lbs (after my Las Vegas vacation). Except for my long walks to the bus stop when I go to school, wala na akong exercise. Pati clothes ko nagkakaproblema na ako. I'm living up to the term "wash and wear". hahaha! I've lessened my food intake (especially the carbs) but I know I need to get physical again. Diet and exercise are a must!

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  6. kaya mo yan...basta avoid carbs for a week lang para wala yung bloated feeling and look. and drink lots of water. see you =)

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  7. thanks for the encouragement and advices. I'll really work on losing weight for my health as well... though it's few days away from the big day and I don't think I'll ever meet the target... hay naku.


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