24 March 2009

Do Not Hurt

I think, some women out there must wear a sign that says "Do Not Touch." Better yet, they should indicate on the sign, "DO NOT HURT" in bold letters so men out there would be warned accordingly.

I cannot help but wonder why Rihanna ever let Chris Brown hurt her (IF the reports are true). What did they fight about which led to violence? And after that, Rihanna would still run back to Chris. Isn't that very weird?

I have read a lot of reports of abused and battered women and it breaks my heart to learn that somehow, some women contribute to their violent and sad fate because they allow their men to hurt them. I am glad that there are sites out there which support the safety of women in or out of relationships.

Founder and Dating expert Stephany Alexander established the site to promote free date screening service since 2002. The site list cheating men, networking to foster dating with the help of dating expert, free resources for women, free medical advise from a volunteer doctor and so much more.

Sites like www.womansavers.com is a great site to protect women. I hope ladies out there with bad and painful experience in their relationships with abusive and cheating men will come out and join so they can share their experience to warn and educate other women.

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