27 March 2009

Early Bird

My body clock went off much early than the alarm clock I set in the room. I was supposed to be up by 9 a.m., instead, woke up at 7:30 a.m.

I am busy as a bee today because I have to do a lot of errands before we leave for our family annual vacation to the US this year. I already listed all the things I need to buy for our families and friends there. I have also planned the routes I will take so I don't burn up a lot of fuel. I will go to the exchange centre as well to pay my bills and exchange my local money to some US notes (which I pray I won't spend to the last dime...).

We are almost ready, just waiting for the travel date on 3 April. Well, I have to go because I want to catch some worms! *wink*

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  1. Lapit na pala, happy trip na lang huh. Enjoy kayo!

    BTW, I have something for you here.


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