19 March 2009

Getting Excited

I cannot contain my excitement about our upcoming trip to the US of A. I have written our itinerary several times already just to be sure we would not waste precious time. 10 days is to short to be able to state-hop so I want to make sure that we visit great places as much as possible.

I am so glad we have relatives and friends who are kind enough to offer their homes for us to stay in. Imagine if we didn't know anybody there, we would be wasting so much money on accommodation alone. Thank goodness for them!

Our trip will be very lengthy. The longest we have travelled is 8 and 1/2 hours going home to Manila. This trip will total 14 plus hours direct flight to New York from Dubai and from JFK International Airport, another 6 plus hours connecting flight to Los Angeles. I can imagine the mega jet lag already. I hope we get upgraded to business class....wishful thinking!


  1. When are you coming here Ria? Why not fly to San Francisco to make it close to my house in Santa Clara. If you need accommodations, we have a guest room for you...

    By the way, we will be in the Philippines in May 16th to the 29th... for my big day. Hope our schedules are not in conflict.

  2. Thanks for the offer cely...left you an email ;) i hope we can meet up...

  3. wow, ingat on your US trip ha? tama ka, gawa ka ng itinerary para lahat ng mgandang places to visit e di mo mkalimutan puntahan. sarap naman niyan, wala kasi akong relatives sa US kaya di ko yan pwede i-wish :) ingat on your trip!

  4. Hello Ria :) HOpe you can drop by to Texas :) hehehe..have a safe trip friend.

  5. wow bigla naman ako naexcite sa inyong itinerary.. meaning tiring din yan ah! pero naku i know mag ienjoy kayo tlga!!

    pls post all your photos for me to drool when ur back!! ingat lagi! mwah


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