31 March 2009

The Hour After Earth Hour 2009

I know, I know... sheesh! I should have posted this "an hour after the Earth Hour event" but I got tied up with many other things so I missed to. Anyway, I all I can say is that we participated in the event again this year and never regret doing so. Some of the famous landmarks here in Dubai also participated but i don't have any photos of those. I'll show you how we went through the Earth Hour 2009. I will definitely do this again next year and the years to come! Mother Earth is soooooo getting my vote!!!

Well, you won't see much on the video except for the flicker of my mouse's light and the one from the laptop screen and a lit candle on the altar. That was the point of Earth Hour anyway, switch the lights off ;) ... and so we all did! And below are few snaps taken before the event and during the Earth Hour.

My note reminding everyone at home to support the cause.

I used my small reading lamp which is battery operated to illuminate the room.

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  1. hi ria,
    uy, e bkit me mouse, bukas ung laptop? heheheh.uzi ako ha? :)

    kmusta ka na? nakabalik ka na pala! di ka man lang nagparamdam!

    ingat lagi!


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