15 March 2009

Officially 37!

I almost went cuckoo last night thinking about how I would be putting 37 on the space next to the age when I fill up the forms next time. I cannot fathom the depth of turning 37! I know, I am being a drama queen, well, that's me! The numbers are getting high (except my height!), the waistband is expanding (I hope it's my bank account!) and the gray hair is multiplying (again, I hope my money in the bank does...) and now, I am officially 37!

37...hmmmm, it's just like 36, 35, 34 and so forth. I guess, being 37 brings extra mileage on my wisdom bank. The older I get, the wiser I become (or is it the older I get, the more senile I become? nyahaha!). Well, I am just a little freaked out today because I am another year older. Next year I am 38 and few years shy of the big 4-0.

I hope that this year will be a good year for me coupled with the wisdom I have acquired through the years. I pray for good health as well because I have improved a lot in that aspect. and will like to maintain the improvement. I also pray for the silent "longing" of my heart. The Lord knows, I just hope He grants me my wishes because He knows they are for the best...

I am thankful to all my family and friends who remembered to pop in, called, sent text messages and e-cards, emailed me and left gazillions of lovely birthday greetings in my Friendster and Facebook accounts. I cannot believe I am getting calls as far as Australia, email and e-cards as far as Scandinavia and I am so overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness each and everyone has shown me and for those who went out of their way to make my day special. I love you all!!!

So, what is in store for me on my next birthday???


  1. Hey, Ria, having a birthday? Just opened blogger to hear about it, hehe! I'm out during week-ends. This PC is in my office actually. Happy birthday, girl! And feel good about it competely. Its a blessing to be gaining numbers, hehe. I am forty something and counting... I really pray that I will go a long way in this journey. God bless!

  2. happy birthday ria!!!
    di pala tayo nagkakalayo ng edad.
    tama ka, sana ung bank account na lang natin ang nadadagdagan no? not our age!!!
    pero sabi nga, wag na lang daw natin isipin yung age natin, just live life! :)

    happy birthday to you ha? I'll email you! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Ria. You may not enjoy turning 37 but adding another year to your age makes you sweeter and wiser just like vintage wine that commands an exorbitant price. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  4. Hey Ria! Sorry I let this pass! Happy Happy Birthday! May our Lord shower you with more blessings, health and peace of mind!

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  6. Belated Happy Birthday my friend! You're such a funny lady! You made me laugh with all your funny thoughts!


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