10 March 2009

Some revamp!

My 1st blog birthday came and went and I had no surprise or whatsoever. Blame it on the recession and lack of time on my part! hehehehe... Well, the real reason was, I really had no time to prepare and given my inability to create an Entrecard account is also one of the reasons. It's just more fun to give out Entrecard points apart from the money as prize. Anyway, it's over so maybe I'll just prepare for my 2nd blog birthday many months in advance.

I am going to introduce new topics in my blog. I know I normally talk about anything I fancy about at the moment but now, I'll be putting more direction to what I will write. I'll still delve on issues close to my heart which is my family and TRAVEL!!! I'll be writing weekly segments of health matters beneficial to all and I'll be calling it my Health Nut portion. I'll be putting up trivias on parties and feasts all over the world. My Monday Party Games will be a regular feature. Arts and crafts will still be in the line. Lastly, I just feel that it's high time to pass the kleigh lights to other bloggers as well so I will be interviewing and featuring other VIPs of my blogs once in a while.

This is going to be so much fun!!! I can't wait to get started...


  1. happy blogoversary. looking forward to new topics =)

  2. happy blogoversary. looking forward to new topics =)

  3. Hi Ria, I have recieved an award and I have nominated you. http://candlemammascandlecreations.blogspot.com/2009/03/sisters-for-highly-fragranced-candle.html
    Please check out the fun. No offense will be taken. Thank You!

  4. Great, I look forward to coming back. I just love your whole blog layout. The colors are my favorite. Anything pink and blue for me :)
    You have a very nice and interesting blog. All my best!

  5. Congratulations Girl.. Looking forward to your new topics.. :)

  6. Hi Ria! It's nice that you have a lot of ideas and activities lined up for your blog...Goodluck!


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