08 March 2009

Super, Super, Super-Sized Meals

There are times when our hunger pangs knock the living daylights out of us especially when we just came from work or were out gallivanting or touring. This happens to me especially when I am on tour because my seeing sense gets fed and the overwhelming excitement to see beautiful places pushes back the desire to eat. So, when I am done with my day tour, I normally end up buying super-sized meals which I will not recommend to all because it's not healthy. Remember that controversial "super-size meal" man who ate McDonald meals in large portions for a period of time? Well, I don't want you to end up like that.

There is this restaurant in Germany (we were not able to go to this place because it's not in the city where we stayed) called The Waldgeist in Hofheim. It serves humongous portions of the famous schnitzels and frankfurters, even the burgers. Not only that, you can gush those epic proportion of a meal with a titanic size of a pint of German beer! They even offer spare aluminum foil for left-overs! Seeing those photos make me not want to eat for a week. If you plan to eat there while in Germany, might as well bring your cholesterol medication.

(Photos taken from trendhunter.com)


  1. super huge! my youngest son saw the pictures and was amazed at the size of the burger and the frankfurters...just looking at it made me full i had to burp a little hahaha....

  2. Thanks for the wonderful comment left on my blog. I love to eat! The winter time blues can give me a hankering for some huge sandwiches like this. I have heard about these huge plates of food but haven't seen any until now. Thank You so much!

  3. Tamang tama pala yan, isang orderan lang for the whole family na sa laki.


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