26 March 2009

Women's Leadership Program

Gone are the days when women's roles are mainly doing household chores and seeing to it that their husbands and families are well looked after. Time evolved and so are the roles of women.

When I was in my university days in the Philippines, I didn't hear much about leadership program focused on women. There were seminars about strengthening the roles of women in the public sector but not much about a program that will enhance the power of women. I am so relieved to learn that a program as such exists nowadays.

The Elizabeth J. Somers Women's Leadership Program further strengthen the role of women in the present time. This program is geared to delve on issues about women's leadership and its impact on the intellectual, social/political aspect and the arts which are centered on the women of today. WLP or Women's Leadership Program is a y ear-long program where students engage in classroom activities learning the theories of leadership and participate in seminars. The students are housed together in dormitories located at Mount Vernon Campus in George Washington University. The place boasts of green scenery, federal style academic buildings, sports fields, libraries and housing units and support facilities needed.

I salute WLP for paving the way to recognize women's worth and their roles in the society.

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