27 April 2009

17 Again

I am not those who grovel at his feet but I do enjoy watching Zac Efron in HSM 1-3 although the latter installment was a bit awkward now. I would rather see him move on and dabble at anything like comedy-romance. I haven't checked the local cinemas if his latest movie - 17 Again - is coming soon here. Anyway, I am looking forward to see that movie in the big screen.

17 Again... I wish I am!!!


  1. hi po ate, that's a nice picture ^_^ i love your pics here in your blog. pasensya na po if di ako masyado nakakavisit...bc outside blogosphere these past few days. nice to meet you ate. ^_^ thanks for the visit.

  2. hihi ikulit ng picture mo ha :)

    parang gusto ko rin bumalik ng 17.. where is life simplier..



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