28 April 2009

Around Coronado, San Diego

Our visit to San Diego was tiring but fun and we loved the weather so much. It was pretty cold though, considering it was nearing spring. Maybe we are not used to low temperature having lived in this part of the world where you can actually cook eggs on the street!!! That hot!

The slide are photos around the affluent Coronado area. The houses facing the sea are so pretty and I have already set my eyes on one ;)

We went in and around the famous and very old Hotel del Coronado. It was built in 1887, entirely out of lumber. Famous state dignitaries, royalties and celebrities have already stayed in this luxurious beachfront hotel. It is also said to be haunted and has been featured in some documentaries on haunted hotels. We even had picture on the stairway. Being inside was outright spooky. I had that funny feeling all the time we were in. I had to ask my daughter to accompany me in the loo because I was too afraid to go alone!


  1. kmusta ang bakasyonista? ang ganda ng San Diego! tinapos ko talaga ung slideshow! ang sarap nman, gusto ko ung beach! :)

  2. Mukhang na-enjoy kayo sa US trip nyo...wish you can come by at New York ...

  3. Coronado, San Diego is a wonderful place to visit. The photos tell them all. It was probably one eerie experience to be in a so called haunted hotel. Thanks for the wonderful post. God bless you always.

  4. Enjoyed viewing your slide show. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your wonderful time Ria. Your life is oh, so blessed! Ingat palagi at advance happy mom's day! ",)


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