05 April 2009

Health Nut - Getting Things Done on Weight Loss

We become very inpatient when it comes to dropping the pounds. Who wouldn't? The sooner we get those unwanted flabs out of our system, the better, right? But, there is no sure fire way to do that unless you become succumb to maladies which is not cool.

Losing weight has become most people's priority. It is too for me as well. We have written down or fabricated plans for the nth time but never seem to get through with a good result or at least near to what we have visualized. Here are tips to keep you on track and to get those things done.

Stay focused and be determined.

No cheating. Don't fool yourself by taking nibbles of food which can derail your objective. Telling yourself "a bite won't hurt" does not help because a bite will surely DO!

Plan a week's worth of low-calorie meal.

Buy a new exercise get-up.

Write down your food intake in a journal.

Visualize. Imagine yourself wearing those skinny jeans...and do wear them when you reach your weight goal!

Good luck!

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  1. I don't really care whether I'm fat or thin all I care about is I'm healthy and in good condition because we only have one shoot in this world so we really must take good care of it and the same time enjoy our daily lives.:)


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