19 April 2009

Health Nut - Post-Vacation Health Track

Every time I go on a long holiday, I always come back with excess baggage! No pun intended! Hahaha. Honestly, I leave Dubai weighing so and so, and then, I come back with extra weight on. This is horrendous!

Carole Holditch of Good Habits offers tips to getting back on track with our health regime and weight loss goals:

1. Jot it down.
Set your goals, track the progress and share your thoughts by writing them all down. Doing that gives you a very vivid picture of reality.

2. Start small.
Bee realistic with your goals. We cannot lose 10 pounds in one go in a week's time! However, we can lose 2! The process of getting healthy and fit takes time. Envision losing 1 at a time and stick to it. Next time you'll know it, you have lost so much without even realizing it.

3. Figure it out.
Learn more about healthy living, nutrition and fitness. Planning to live a healthy lifestyle is a process. You do not just think it but not actually do it.

4. Watch your habits.
We are all creature of habits. Our plans get derailed with the mundane everyday activities we do. Chop the old vices of eating rapidly, munching on chips and empty calories, being inactive. Move around, eat healthily and keep fit!

5. Allow setbacks.
Acceptance is the key. Accept that we are all human prone to err. Make it a positive thing rather than beating yourself down. So what if you "accidentally" shove that teeny-tiny sliver of chocolate bar down your throat?!? Yes, we all give to temptations but learn from it. When you realize you have succumbed to bad habits or your old ways, learn, stand up and be firm. Say no next time.

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  1. I know what you mean girl. I came back from the Ph wth 2 kilos extra ... dangit! Tmad pa namn me mag exercise;)


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