05 May 2009

Balboa Park and San Isidro

Here are more snaps taken in San Diego as we went around the San Diego Natural History Museum and the adjacent Balboa Park. But before that, we went shopping at the outlet mall in San Isidro which is near the Tijuana, Mexico border. I couldn't resist the calling of those "sale" signs posted on my favorite brands' shops. Wow, I don't mind living in this place!

We watched the Body Works exhibit which is very gross but educational at the same time. The exhibit features real cadavers explaining the human anatomy in full, graphic details. I do recommend this to those who are into science and anatomy. My daughter didn't even feel uneasy but rather, she found the whole exhibit informative.

Balboa Park is home to numerous museums, social events, performing arts venues, botanical gardens and the San Diego Zoo which is nearby. The park itself is free but the other attractions have their specific fees.

Enjoy the slides!

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  1. i think you had so much fun here!

    bonding moments talaga! my kids will love the museum na me dinosaur bones (anatomy) etc.

    I love the park! :)


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