01 May 2009

Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego

Here are more snaps of the beautiful San Diego. This time it is in Cabrillo National Park Monument in San Diego, CA.

Just a little trivia, this monument is a tribute to Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo's exploration on the coastline of California which is now known as the West Coast of the United States of America.

We went to the park's museums on Cabrillo's early voyage and discoveries. We also went to check out the small military radio room near the Old Point Loma Lighthouse. The lighthouse is a quaint little, white cottage with a lighthouse beacon. It is located on the park's peak point, 422 feet above sea level. It is no longer in service due to the weather flaw - fog and low clouds which obscured the light.

There were small squirrels running around but I managed to capture one. I saw beautiful birds I haven't seen before. There was one particular bird which looked like a blue robin and I had to include "him" (I feel the bird is a "him" for some reason...) in the slide. We even saw a hawk snagging a small, helpless (and very cute too...) squirrel. I wanted to throw stone on the bird but I might end up in jail. We could not do anything but let "nature takes its course."

The vast ocean and the view of the San Diego Bay is simply breath-taking. It was windy and chilly but no weather could dampen our excitement! Enjoy the slide show and watch out for our Viva Las Vegas trip pics soon...

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