22 May 2009

Great Gifts for Him

My husband already received a gift from me for his birthday this month. My daughter and I picked it up amongst the many other choices in the mall. It took us nearly an hour just to decide what to give him and finally settled on an MP4 gadget.

It has been a tradition in our family to present "treats or goodies" whenever there is an occasion. Now that Father's Day is just around the corner, my daughter and I are in our pursuit to find unusual gifts for men. We want the gift to be not just special but also unique in a way that I know my husband will truly like and use.

I have just found the right place to search for the kind of items I have in mind for my husband who is a practical man and loves anything functional. With the limited time I have because of personal and professional commitments, I can only peruse the web for great ideas and do my online shopping. Men's Gifts is a one-stop-shop for birthday gifts and other wonderful items you may want to give to your precious better-half or male friends or to your male family members.

The site is teeming with so many gift ideas that I am having a ball! They offer various items from affordable gifts to the luxurious ones. There are gift baskets as well so you can just put all the items you want in one presentable gift basket with various themes.

I like the way the site offers multitude of choices with themes so I can weigh my choices better and what ever will suit the preference of the receiver. With Men's Gifts, I am not limited to just giving my husband a gift for his birthday because they cater to other occasions too like anniversaries, Father's Day, even that well deserved "promotion" gift or just about anything. The site also offers free engraving on orders on personalized gifts and free ground shipping on orders above $25. Not only that they give you these excellent offers, they also provide customer service assistance should you need some advice on what to give by calling their toll-free number.

After going through their numerous gift ideas, I have already narrowed my choice to at least 2 items which I am not telling. It's supposed to be a secret. Oh, just a hint, it is about travel... So, next time you need some great ideas and don't know where to start or what to look for, just check out www.mens-gifts.com and you will be surprised with the variety of great gift ideas you can find.


  1. great post. success for you

  2. Thank you for the insightful post.

    All great gift ideas.. What I love to see is a shift in concentration from the gift to the person receiving it. Meaning, a gift about the recipient themselves!

    I've been making scrap books as of late commemorating the recipient with wishes, photos, thoughts, etc. In the process, I've come across CelebrateAHero.com , which helps you create the book and then download and print it for free.

    I'll be sure to check out the gift baskets you mentioned too now! I love to make them myself and fill them with things the recipient enjoys doing, ie a facial mask for my sister.


  3. Great gifts information for the people who love to read. Surely it will interest many to read. Thanks for sharing.


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