09 May 2009

Hard to Choose but Easy to Find Popular Baby Names

Like many expectant moms, I eagerly anticipated the day of my daughter’s arrival. Though I had always had an idea of baby names that I liked, I wanted my daughter’s name to be uniquely hers, to be insightful regarding her life or her birth or the thoughts and feelings surrounding her entrance into the world. I bought a couple of baby name books but it was difficult to know how to find baby girl names that I liked that had meanings I wanted for my daughter. In fact, my little girl was several days old before she actually had her name. I wish I’d have known about Baby Names World at Parentsconnect.com. Simple to use, this one tab alone offers a variety of ways to search for and locate the perfect name.

You can begin a search for all names with a specific definition by listing one or more key words and the search engine all but hands you back a list of names, with their exact meanings and origins. Or if you prefer, you can simply search all boy names or girl names, taking note of which ones you particularly like. In alphabetical order, this search is particularly handy for families that choose to name all their children using the same first letter. Another handy search option is origin. If you are a tenth generation Italian, for example, you may take great pride in wanting to choose a name that originated in Italy. Best of all, this site gives you the ability to find names that meet multiple criterion using the advanced feature.

Whatever method you utilize in narrowing your name choices, you definitely won’t find any book or website that is quicker or easier to use, nor one that provides you with the wealth of name choices along with the many options for finding that perfect name for your child. Whether you want to choose from the most popular baby names or you prefer something unique and different, it’s all conveniently located at Parentsconnect.com. Amazingly, that’s just one tab under the pregnancy stage. This website brings together a wealth of information, tips, advice and interactive message boards to cover every stage of child’s life, from baby to toddler, and preschooler through teens along with games, recipes and family fun tips for parents and grandparents alike.

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