24 May 2009

Of Earthly Things

Times are hard and the security of jobs and finances are even harder. I think most of us are affected by this global recession. Sometimes I regret my "seemingly" incurable obsession to shop for no reason. I kept telling myself then that I worked hard for that money I have spent and I deserve a little treat. That line is too cliché now because money does not flow as easy as it used to be. I begin to re-think my priorities and have come to a conclusion that money does not grow on trees nor it will come from the sky. I just have to spend according to my "needs" and not "wants" when most of the time, these wants are just frivolous things to satisfy my whims.

Who ever said "You are rich when you never need more than you have" is absolutely right.


  1. weeeee nice nice.. korek. i always bear in mind whats on my 'needs list' and whats on my 'wants list'

    so inuuna ko tlga ang needs before wants.. and bonus minsan kng may magbibigay ng wants wink hahaah

  2. Good outlook, given the current economic situation. Still, it is human nature to want more than what they have, not to mention want what they can't have.


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