04 May 2009

Spring with New Hope

Winter posed itself longer than usual this year. We did not experience heavy rains on March but this year was different. Spring has taken a back seat for a while and now it has sprung!

I welcome the entry of this wonderful season called Spring. Although here in the hot climate of the Middle East, we are not privileged enough to enjoy Spring season in its full scale. We don't see enough verdant greens and natural blossoms of beautiful spring plants. Most of the plants here are artificially cultivated because they won't survive the harsh summer months.

Spring brings new hope after a gloomy season. It beacons new life. With all the problems the world is facing right now, the "seeming" pandemic around us because of the H1N1 virus, the dissent of other countries, the oppression of the poor, the compromising of peace talks, the global recession and the increasing number of poverty, we could only pray and hope that Spring brings a bright future as it enters the changing of the season.

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