07 May 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

The long, arduous drive to Las Vegas, Nevada was too much for our tushies. Hahahaha. I feel bad for our cousin who drove from San Diego all the way to Vegas without getting any help from any of us. We could pitch in for him but ever gracious that he is, he took charge without bothering us. It was roughly 6 hours drive because we had to stop for food at Barstow.

The weather in Las Vegas was great. They said it gets very humid and hot there too during summer but we were lucky enough to enjoy our vacation with the cold weather of winter's past.

We passed by snow capped mountains which left us in awe. They were beautiful sights to behold! I have never seen anything like that before. Wow!

We arrived in Las Vegas around 3:00 p.m. and was just in time for our check in at Excalibur Hotel. The hotel was so huge with several towers for accommodation. We were billeted at Tower 1 and was not overlooking the main strip.

The hotel is located in the beginning of the strip and has connection to the Las Vegas Monorail. We drove around during the afternoon to enjoy the view during the day. At night, we set out on foot to watch the famous dancing fountains at Bellagio Hotel and to see the famous strip at night. The lights around us were truly captivating!

I played the slot just once on the last day of our stay there. Well, I did not win because if I had, I wouldn't be back here...hahaha. My darling won around $170 on the tables. Lucky him! Instant pocket money eh....

Hope you'll have fun watching the slides in the fabulous Las Vegas!


  1. i love to visit las vegas one day... i hope it will be soon!

  2. las vegas is a nice place.hope my hubby and I can go there sometime..^_^
    we are in IL ^_^
    thanks for sharing some of your pix... nice photos ^_^

    take care and God bless.

  3. Wow sis sounds like you guys had a wonderful time in Vegas...sana kami rin makapunta jan!

    That's really one of my dream destination eh!

  4. What's your favorite themed hotel in Vegas? Mine was Paris.

    Did you go inside the horror room at Madam Tussaud's? I did, but I had my eyes closed the whole time we were inside the room. haha!


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