12 May 2009

Window and Door Safety

My best friend who now resides in Florida has had her share of ferocious typhoons passing Florida since she moved there. She used to live in a small apartment where the windows were not as safe as she would describe them. She has seen water seeping through the old windows and what was worse was the absence of Florida shutters to further protect them from any untoward incident when the inclement weather would not calm. Since they were renting out the place for some time already, they just decided to have their own home built according to their preference and one that would meet their high standard on quality and safety.

One company that caught their rigid screening was Ocean View Windows and Doors. This company has variety of products and services to offer. The products range from impact windows, custom glass etching, retraceable screens and remote controlled ones, interior doors, door and window casements, hurricane shutters florida, and store-front windows. Not only that they carry high quality products which all meet the strict building code of Florida, they also have services to offer for both residential and commercial properties. The list of their services offered is appealing to home-builders and those who are planning to have some home improvements or renovations without compromising safety and quality. This company values their clients and provides excellent customer service, installation, and sales and marketing with great professionalism.

My best friend and her husband are quite impressed with the portfolio of Ocean View Windows and Doors. You rarely get the chance to come across a company with high quality products to offer with par excellence service.

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