26 June 2009

Friday Tag - My 1950s name is...

Phyllis Naomi! What?!? Well, thanks a lot Niko for sending me this tag. It was fun. Probably, I'll name my future daughter with this one. LOL!

What's buzzin, cuzzin?

What's Your 1950s Name?

I am tagging the following: MsRay, Chriss, Bingkee, Riaboo, Bill, Kikamz, Meryl, Aidisan, Beth, Cherry, Cely, Cyra, Eden, and Yub

Have fun folks and happy Friday everyone!


  1. Thanks for the tag, party girl!

  2. wow! pranga variation ng FELIZ huh???!! cute!

    mine is naomi yvonne!! nice nice kasi pareho taung may NAOMI! i will surely name my next girl this one.. :)

    thanks for doing the tag my dear! mwah mwah

  3. Thanks for the tag Ria. Have a great weekend!

  4. Seryoso? Haha, parang I can't imagine myself calling you Phyllis Naomi. Ang cute naman ng tag na ito. :)

    How are you na? It's been a long time. When are you visiting home?

  5. Thanks Ria! This is a welcome back fun for me!

  6. Hey sis thanks for the tag =)

  7. maraming salamat sa tag. ni-tag na din ako ni niko. but i will include your name sa previous post ko na isa sa mga nagbigay ^_^. Maraming salamat. Btw, my 1950's name is Darlene Glenda. hehe ^_^

  8. hi ria, how are you na? you're right mejo bc talaga. tapos may school na rin c gwen uli. hope you're doing great. =)

  9. ako naman, it's gloria naomi. hahahha! btw, kindly update my URL to http://www.kikamzpera.com/. thanks girl!


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