17 June 2009

The June Bug

It's that time of the year where most ladies out there prefer to get married on - June! I am really baffled why June is the most popular month for couples to marry. I mean, there is January, February, March and so on. But why June? Well, here's the scoop:

June is chosen as the month for marrying by ladies as early as the Victorian era. The month June is named after the Roman goddess of marriage - Juno. Juno is known to bring prosperity and happiness to all who marry in her month. June is also a great month in terms of weather. It is not as hot as the coming months and not cold enough. It comes after the Lent and the arrival of summer.


  1. aw i learned something new today!!! great info my dear.. thanks thanks!!

    how are u?

  2. Ohhh June is not very favorable month to get married in the Philippines...lots of rain;)


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