11 June 2009

Living in Las Vegas

I have been mulling on the thought of migrating to the US. Although it has always been my dream to visit my relatives there since I was young, I never actually thought that my husband and I would really like it there. Not to mention my daughter too!

We have visited Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas but the latter has a certain lure that is hard to resist. It's not the flashy neon lights nor the captivating signs of the casinos along the strip that enticed us there. The price of the real estate Las Vegas are lesser compared to Los Angeles.

Apart from that revelation is the fact that my Uncle and his wife moved from San Francisco to Nevada some years ago because of the lower property rates. Moreover, the lower tax rate is also one of the plus factors. He made good use of his well-earned retirement money by purchasing a nice suburban home near the Las Vegas strip. We were glad to be able to see his abode and the neighboring village as well. The timing could not be any better too because of the recession, Las Vegas foreclosures real estates are quite high and what was once an expensive piece of property is now being sold at a very low price. My husband and I suddenly had our "light-bulb" moment and checked Summerlin foreclosures for some nice properties. We even joked that if we ever win in the casinos, we'll definitely purchase a property there.

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