15 June 2009

Some Stuff I cannot Live Without

This question has been going around Facebook and I would like to immortalize that in my blog :)

We are creatures of habit. There are just some stuff we cannot live without because we are used to using or having them around.

Here are some of the stuff I definitely cannot live without.

My iPod Touch = I love music and I love all the various applications and family pictures which I have in my iPod. I bring my iPod everywhere I go and there is no boundaries to that! Use your imagination people! Hahaha.

My "Barbie-Pink" Filofax = Okay folks! There is a reason why it's Barbie Pink! I bought it during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month promo they had so a portion of the sale of that very Pink Filofax went to the Breast Cancer support causes. I am an old-school and would rather use my Filofax to jot down my dates and appointments.

My Rosary from Vatican = I keep myself planted at all times with my spirituality in the fore. I always seek refuge to my faith and having that rosary with me gives me a sense of calm and peace.

My Wallet = It's not the "richest" wallet in the world but it's stocked enough to get me and my family through in a month's time before the next pay day!

My House/Car Keys = Well, this is a given. I won't be able to get in the house nor start my car without these items.

My Lip gloss = I am not a lipstick user so I prefer tinted glosses instead. They are cheaper too!

My Vandol Ointment = I handle a lot of manuals in the office so my fingers tend to dry out. I always apply this ointment on my cuticles too to avoid hangnails and works well on the lips as well! I sometimes use it as a base for my lip gloss.

My very, very old Denman Brush = This brush has been with me for almost 10 years now. I cannot seem to part ways with this one. It is still in mint condition and the rubber is still in pristine condition. I told myself that I would only replace it when the rubber holding the bristles start to crumble.

My Hand Sanitizer = Yup! I am one of those who just have to clean their hands often. Not that I have fear of germs, it's just that, I am frail and a little sneeze and cough can go a long, long way. I am just recovering and would like to keep myself and my surrounding clean… at least.

and last but not the least....

My family's photos = I carry their pictures in my organizer and wallet wherever I go. When I feel blue, I just pull out their photos and reminisce the good ol' times.

So, what are yours? Do leave your comments and see what we have in common.

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