30 June 2009

What's happening in the aviation industry?

Being in the field of aviation, one thing that really shakes me hard is reading news about plane crashes. In a span of a month, another Airbus plane crashed in the Indian Ocean on its way to the small island of Comoros today. The first incident was the flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. This recent Yemenia Jet (an A310 carrier) crash was from Marseilles to Comoros en route to Yemen to change aircraft.

I am not singling out Airbus for the incident but in general. Is the aviation industry losing its grip on stern safety rules? What is happening? Who is at fault?

The airline industry is already suffering because of the global crisis we are all facing. To have another blow like this will weaken the remaining ties of the few airlines which are still standing.

I am offering my deepest sympathy to all the families of the recent crash and the ones last month. It's just heart-breaking.


  1. nakakalungkot talaga ang mga balitang ganto...

    My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.


  2. Oo nga no, dapat higpitan pa nila ang safety rules.


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