18 July 2009

Baby Boomers!

2009 is the year where almost every female relative or friend I know is pregnant. Okay, I am exaggerating there. The truth is I have several friends and a relative who are all above 40 and have been trying to conceive for sometime and guess what? I think Lady Luck has been working hard lately because all of them just announced they are pregnant! Talk about baby boomers.

First, my sister-in-law is pregnant, then 2 of my friends in Canada are "infanticipating" and 2 of my gal pals here in Dubai are also heating some nice, cute "buns" in their ovens. What is so funny about this whole thing is that, they announced their pregnancies one after the other and I could not help but laugh about the joke. Well, I thought it was until they all confirmed their pregnancy.

So I am in a predicament as to what to give all these mommies-to-be for their babies and themselves. I am sure I will get baby-shower invitations left and right.

I hastily checked the site for nice baby and mommy-to-be products I can give which are really unique, chic and sassy. Petunia Pickle Bottom will be the answer to my gift-giving woes. I checked the variety of elegant, classy, very pretty products they carry. I think the mommies-to-be will not be disappointed to see what's in their gift boxes.

I am eyeing the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags for half of my pregnant friends. I like the various designs that I can choose from. They all look so chic without giving away their real purpose. You won't be able to make out they are diaper bags because of the look. Some even look like hobo bags. How come these bags didn't show up in the market when I was pregnant?

Of course I won't let all my pregnant mommy friends to have the same baby-shower gifts, right? I am keen on the Petunia Pickle Bottom baby slings as well as an option to give for the other half. I prefer this from the conventional baby carrier I used for my daughter 11 years ago. This baby sling follows the natural contour of the baby's back and that makes it all natural. The baby is like being cradled by the mommy's arms. It makes bonding stronger.

Apart from the above items, the Layla Grayce-Petunia Pickle Bottom site also carries receiving blankets, organic blankets, baby one-piece clothes, crib bedding brocade and linens.

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