29 July 2009

Baseball Moms

Some of my mom friends in the US are great baseball fans. They watch the games with their husbands and kids and cheer from the side-bench. I only get to see a baseball game on TV. My friends and their families really go the extra mile to support their teams. They even wear matching jerseys and baseball caps. They even send their sons to play baseball at the parks so they can harness their potential in pitching and batting; hoping that someday, they will become a part of the Major League.

I am really surprised by the way they instill baseball in their sons' lives. They even buy a baseball bat online to ensure their kids' proper batting. They are there full time to cheer, give moral support and be mommies.

It is really great to see parents who support their kids in their activities and hobbies. I am glad that the kids do not mind as they also love the sports. Family support is a good factor in instilling sportsmanship in the young minds. My friends are doing great being baseball moms!

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  1. I'm not a baseball mom, but I love baseball.....I go for Boston Red Sox, and we really do buy tickets to watch the games on the park


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