07 July 2009

Beach Body But Sun-Scared

It's that time of the year again where I always tell myself that I am definitely wearing a bikini. Like the previous years, I always end up in a one piece swimwear hidden under a loose shirt. Sometimes I wear shorts and a bikini top, again only to hide under a big shirt.

It's not that I do not have any confidence in my body, it's just that wearing bikinis, tankinis, one-piece suit or any bathing suits for that matter in this terribly hot and humid country is making me think twice on whether or not I will expose my sensitive skin to the harsh rays. I want to feel comfortable and at the same time not worry about how safe my skin will be under the heat of the sun. However, Dubai has plenty of beautiful beaches where you can actually sun bathe, apply suntan lotion and wear proper swimwear, even bikinis! It is hard to resist the call of the waves, the yellow-creamish colored sandy beaches, the cozy cabanas, jet-ski, surfing and the sports in the beach.

Dubai lies in the Middle East where the sun scorches and the rays just pierce your skin making you like a living, walking prune. I do not go out at the beach without wearing sun protection because it is just too hot here. I even wear sunscreen while driving, so you could just imagine how hot it is in this part of the world. A lot of the expatriates here who are sun worshippers love the beach area. I always see them apply either sun tan lotion or sunscreen but at the same time, enjoy the glorious sun.

I know a lot of people will go in drove to the nearest beach area to cool off wearing their beautiful swimwear. I just hope they will be wise enough to keep their skin safe and have their sunscreen lotions handy, just in case.

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