03 July 2009

Being a Good House Guest

I know my manners and I keep them checked at all times. Whenever we visit other people's house, we behave properly and respect the other members of the household.

I am a good house guest, that I can vouch for. However, I seem to be a magnet of people who are inconsiderate or simply ignorant. I don't know why other people in my household bring guests who think they own my place, do not know they are guests, bangs door, noisy kids and parents do not reprimand them, do not know when to tone down their voices and just don't care about the time of the day. I don't mind if it happens at 7 p.m. or even up to midnight, but at freaking 3:45 a.m.??? Common on! I have work in the morning for crying out loud!

That is my house too but as the ever-gracious hostess (actually, they are NOT my guests but someone in the house's), do I just shrug my shoulders and suffer in silence or do I firmly remind them to pipe it down?

If you are in my place, what will you do?


  1. naku kausapin ko ung binisita sa bahay ko noh! sya ang kumausap sa mga guests nia how you want ur guests to behave.. ay naku GMRC na rin nmn un di na dpat sabihin pa..

  2. Zeeshan is right! If this is your blog and you can cry if you want to, then that was your house and you can reprimand if you want to. I think you will help them in a way by telling them how to behave properly when in other people's houses. What if they had a hostess who is not as good-hearted or as calm as you are di ba? :) I know you can tell them that as diplomatic as you can.

    for the meantime, cool ka lang, rmember the wrinkles! :)

  3. thanks folks...it's rather different when it comes to relatives.... *sigh*

  4. Naku kung ako yan sabihan ko lalo na kung ako may ari ng bahay :)

    It's my place naman di bah so I deserve to have peace and quiet when I need it.


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