07 July 2009

Having a Poor Eyesight

There was a time when all I did was read and read and read some more until my head ached and my sight blurred. I stopped because I did not want to wear glasses. I find wearing glasses so cumbersome and I don't want anything obstructing my view and face. That's one of the reasons too why I barely put cosmetics because I feel that it hides my natural beauty (if there is any! hahaha).

Well, I just learned that my daughter (she is in Manila right now for her summer break) is now officially wearing eye glasses; not corrective glasses but the real deal where there are grade levels. She has 150-100 vision.

We are partly to be blamed because we didn't heed on the signs that her eye sight was degrading. It's too late to be pointing fingers now, right?

So, what causes poor eye sight anyway? Here are the tell-tale signs:

1. Vitamin A difficiency
2. Poor nutrition
3. Reading with dim lights
4. Looking closely on tv, monitors
5. Squinting, closing one eye
6. Headaches, nausea or dizziness
7. Clumsiness
8. Rubbing the eyes repeatedly
9. Tilting the head to one side
10. Using a finger as a guide when reading
11. Reading while in motion (as this strains the eyes)

Honestly, she manifested some of the above signs but I was clueless because I have never worn glasses. I should have known then so this poor eyesight thing would have been averted.


  1. So,that's why i get this super headache when i play some online games in at least 5 hrs.. 4. Looking closely in the monitor...

  2. thanks for the info!I have already experience some symptoms like this.. god bless!


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