26 July 2009

Health Nut - Carbs to Help You De-stress

Not all carbs (or carbohydrates) are bad. That is the understatement, probably not of Atkins Diet but health-wise. So, I will reiterate myself, not all carbs are bad.

Carbohydrates helps us ease our tension and stress level according to studies. The next time you feel a little antsy, tiny beads of sweat trickling down your forehead, a little bit tensed then have a snack filled with low-fat carbs food like low-fat popcorn, honey, graham crackers, and whole wheat pretzels. The reason for this is that carbs helps produce serotonin in the brain which influences our moods.

I'm heading off to the grocery and will buy some nice low-fat popcorn for snack. Yummy!

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