13 July 2009

Health Nut - Fill Your Tummy With these Fruits

Trying to cut back on chips and junk foods? Then buy these summer fruits filled with water. These fruits are rich in vitamins and are almost 90% water. So, your cravings for junk foods will be curbed if you munch on these instead. Stock your ref with melons, honey dews, watermelons, oranges, and canteloupes. You can either eat them in chunks or make a smoothie with low fat milk or skim milk. Yummy treat for the hot summer months!


  1. Very good advise especially for those of us who are trying to trim down.

  2. nice post! I love nuts too kaya lng pag peanuts lumalabas pimples ko.I am not sure kung dahail nga ba peanuts..happy weekend!


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